Trump is preparing to drop the hammer on all treasonous actors, if necessary

Important news and insight that the deep-state mainstream media IS TOTALLY avoiding, misreporting, or outright censoring,  from Natural News:

Yesterday, Chris Miller declared that all special forces operations units now report directly to him, bypassing the corrupt DoD swamp that works for the globalists and the Democrats. This puts the many tens of thousands of special forces operations units and assets directly under the control of a pro-America patriot, and it points to the “Plan B” plan in all this, which is for Trump to invoke the NDAA and Insurrection Act, then dispatch special forces units across the USA to arrest all the treasonous actors and take down the Big Tech and Big Media traitors who are part of this grand conspiracy to overthrow the United States government.

As we reported days ago, President Trump declared a national emergency over “foreign interference in U.S. elections” on September 12, 2018, in an executive order. That national emergency has not been rescinded.

Barack Obama also signed the NDAA in 2012, granting any president extraordinary powers to deal with domestic enemies and enemy combatants during a time of war.

We suspect Trump is preparing to drop the full hammer on all the treasonous actors if necessary, but is giving his legal team an opportunity to try to win the election in the courts first. If the courts refuse to uphold the rule of law and are obviously compromised, blackmailed or so blinded by their own hatred of Trump that they can’t issue an honest ruling, Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act and wage kinetic war against the deep state on U.S. soil. Importantly, We the People 100% support Trump taking this action if necessary. We will join his efforts, armed by the millions, to defend this nation against its enemies. Citizens, militia units and patriots are standing by and ready to fight.

Some sources say that special forces actions have already been initiated and that certain deep state players have already been arrested and put on “rendition flights” to black sites or GITMO, but these claims cannot yet be fully confirmed. They are consistent, however, with other observations we’ve noted in related articles and podcasts.

Nevertheless, the biggest thing that you can do in all this is to continue to publicly show your support for President Trump, the Constitution and the defense of this nation against traitors and domestic enemies. It is your outpouring of support that gives Trump the backdrop he needs in order to pursue all these actions to defend America and defeat its determined enemies.

Should the patriots fail, America and the world will be plunged into Joe Biden’s “dark winter,” complete with forced vaccinations, weaponized lockdowns to crush world economies, nightmarish restrictions on free speech, rigged elections forever, and the activation of the Bill Gates global depopulation / genocide agenda to mass murder billions of human beings in record time.

It’s interesting that just a year ago, that last paragraph would have elicited spasms of “conspiracy theory” accusations from everyday people, but today nobody’s laughing. Because all the world leaders have announced their “Great Reset” and they are openly bragging about how the covid-19 pandemic is an “opportunity” to bring about global communism and the complete enslavement of the human race all across the globe.

Brian Sussman

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  1. Gail says

    This is such a scary time for this country. I only hope pulling back the curtain on this scheme for world supremacy happens soon, so we save our Republic. I’m glad I’m an octogenarian if Socialism gets a strong foothold on our wonderful country. Luckily I grew up after WWII, when California was the most wonderful, beautiful place.

  2. Diane says

    Finally! You spoke the only truth that I have seen on the internet today. Americans are truly waiting for the hammer to drop. We don’t believe a damn thing the swamp says. The capitol event was an Antifa stunt. Everyone can see that. These politicians are not in touch with the people. WE HATE THEM WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE. I STAND WITH TRUMP 100%.
    They stole my vote.
    No I.D. required to vote at the registrars office. They handed out ballots willt nilly and people could just walk out with a ballot upon unverified request. I saw it with my own eyes. I knew they cheated then. They can’t confirm my vote. They are tricksters and not very good at it. They censor Americans because we would blow thier lies out of the water with proof. I will live to see Hillary go to jail.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks for your comments, Diane.
      I’m fervently praying that justice will prevail.
      There’s still plenty of time for a miracle.

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