PODCAST: Everything They won’t tell You about Earth Day

In the final installment of my “Skyjacked” series (20 episodes) I have produced what I call, The Earth Day Blowout Special.

Trust me, I don’t know of anyone who has detailed the intentions of Earth Day like I have.

Like all of the Brian Sussman Show episodes, this one flies by (about 30-minutes), and you’ll likely find yourself stoping the show to take a note or two. Awesome if you do!

Look for Brian Sussman Show Podcast Episode 173, wherever you listen to your podcasts. By the way, you can listen to them on this website, or over at Soundcloud, which is the launching point for all my shows (from Soundcloud they are distributed to all the other platforms).

God bless you!  Please share the podcast with a friend.


Brian Sussman

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