Vaxxers Take Play From Climate Hustle Playbook – EXCLUSIVE

This article by Brian Sussman was originally posted at World Net Daily.

CNN recently presented another of its in-depth reports justifying the various COVID-19 jabs. In this latest story, the network belittled those who want to conduct their own research before making a decision to get the shot or not.

Two specialists interviewed charged that Americans simply are not smart enough to do their own research and make their own decisions about COVID and its “vaccines.” One of them, Renee DiResta, research manager of the Stanford Internet Observatory, was concerned that, “in today’s media environment fueled by clicks and engagement, it’s all too easy to come across misleading data that confirms biases.”

Of course, DiResta’s sweeping allegation referred to credible, well-sourced conservative media outlets that put forward factual information on things like the serious side effects from the shots as well as the death count of those who have been “vaccinated.”

Brian Sussman

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