The Climate Change Coffee Spoof Video


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for life. We humans, as well as the animal kingdom, exhale it. Plants absorb it. Dead and decaying organic matter of all types emits CO2. Carbon dioxide is also one of the many greenhouse gases that assures our climate is habitable. Without those gases the difference between night and day temperatures would swing 100 degrees!

Carbon dioxide is a finite compound, in other words there is only some much of it. It is constantly cycling from places where it is stored, into the atmosphere that surrounds Earth, and back into the oceans, as well as into all life forms, and then back into the cycle again. Despite its prominence, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is a mere four-hundredths of a percent (.04%).  Even more miniscule is percentage of that carbon dioxide that is produced by human activity: 4%.

As I explain with some vivid analogies in my upcoming book, Climate Cult, 4% of .04% is infinitesimal. There is no way fossil fuels (which emit CO2 when used) could throw the planet’s temperature and climate out of whack.

In my most recent video I illustrate the folly of those who contend we must reduce our personal carbon footprint and put an end to “Big Oil.” If gasoline and diesel are bad, what about coffee? The flavor one enjoys from their favorite coffee beverage comes from the roasting of the beans which exude CO2 when properly heated. Humans consume billions of cups of coffee each day—that’s a lot of carbon dioxide from those cups of joe! When are the environmentalists going to go after “Big Coffee?”

And therein lays my spoof. Enjoy and share.

And Happy New Year!

Brian Sussman

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