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I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with my longtime buddy, Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog!

See it here: https://rumble.com/v4v84ez-climate-cult-wants-marxist-control-brian-sussman.html

I met Greg while at the University of Missouri when were were college kids. We both had part time jobs at the local ABC-TV station, working in the production room. Upon graduation I ended up running the station’s newsroom and one of my hires was Greg–he ended up running a news camera for us.

I ended up leaving for Reno, Nevada where I eventually became a weatherman (and then meteorology school and on to the CBS station in San Francisco). Greg’s career took off too, eventually becoming an investigative reporter of ABC’s Good Morning America.

Wow. What a ride.

Hoping I can be on again with Greg very soon. Let him know if you enjoyed our time together!

Thank you!

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  1. Larry Serflaten says

    I saw your interview on USAW. As you have been a one time meteorologist I hope I can persuade you to look into the real cause of climate change; particularly cosmic and solar radiation. As we recently experienced, our sun can have immense impact on the earth. All those charged particles that make the Northern Light glow brighter, also charge up earth’s core, leading to more dynamic weather patterns. Stronger storms, more earthquakes and volcanoes, and the like. The Marxist globalists will likely claim the increase is due to human induced ‘climate change’ to further spread their agenda of fear and control. But the thing is, the powers that be are not giving us the truth about what is actually going on. We are in the middle of a pole shift which when completed, will wreak havoc on our way of life.

    While man made pollution and geoengineering is a concern, major CMEs from the sun can have devastating and lasting effects. While our poles are shifting, the entire magnetosphere is weakened (down about 20-25% today) which is why the recent ‘moderate’ flares from the sun produced a major geomagnetic storm on earth. 20-30 years ago, similar flares would have brightened the auroras but that is about it. Our weakened magnetic shield is letting more and more cosmic particles reach the earth. More charged particles hitting the earth charge up the core and produce more dynamic weather patterns.

    If something like what caused the Carrington event hit our earth today, more than just a few networks would have gone down.

    I tried to explain this to Greg, but for some reason he has put me on his blacklist. He rarely ever publishes my comments, possibly due to the negative (life changing) nature of the information…. But as you have time, if you are interested, I would invite you to look into the condition of our magnetosphere (if you can find reliable information, they are hiding the truth). When that goes, it will effect life on this planet, up and down the food chain. Several animals rely on it as well as plant life.
    If you become as convinced as I am about the actual cause of ‘climate change’ it would benefit many if you also got the word out where you are able!

    One place to get reliable information is here:

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
      Not being an astrophysicist, all I can say is your observations are quite plausible.
      I can say this: as our present orbit drifts further from the sun the planet will eventually become uninhabitable.
      As a student of the Bible I can also say–with certainty–that Earth is winding down. Therefore your comments do tend to make sense.
      Very best regards to you.

      • Larry Serflaten says

        I did not want to unload all the bad news in my first post, but I thought that being a meteorologist, you might agree that the sun has far more influence on our weather than man’s pollution. And it not only effects on our weather, but the sun adds to the occurrences of geological activities also. (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)

        I have not heard that the earth might drift away from the sun, nor have I read about anything like that in the Bible. What I have found is that our sun may undergo a mini nova. Things like the sun will grow dark (Matt. 24:29) and the heavens will be on fire and the earth will be burned up (2 Peter 3:10-12) These are indicative of the sun accumulating a boat load of cosmic dust (goes dark) and then blasts it off in a mini nova (earth on fire). Not surprisingly, there is geological and cultural evidence that the sun has had mini novas before. To further the point, Rev. 21 starts out by telling us God is going to dwell with man in a new Jerusalem fresh out of Heaven. So, it would appear God plans for this planet to be inhabited for a long, long, time…. (If there is such a thing as time in the eternity 🙂

        In any case when the sun novas (again), that is going to be bad news for everybody, and I am hoping it heralds Christ’s return. But until we get there, we have to put up with the globalists that want to control our every move. And they may use the ‘climate change emergency’ for another round of lockdowns or global IDs or worse. That is why I also would like people to be aware that the ‘cult’ is a sham. If we gather together to voice plausible reasons why climate change is not man made, we may be able to push back the tyranny. The more voices, the better! Good luck with your book.

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