Western Forest Fires NOT the Result of Global Warming

No. It’s another lie from the Democrats and their fellow eco-tyrannists.

The forest fires in the western states are NOT the result of human-induced climate change. This is a wishful fantasy concocted in the collective minds of socialists with an agenda–and agenda that seeks to destroy America as we know it and render it a communist country.

I repeat: the forest fires in the western states are NOT the result of human-induced climate change.

In my latest podcast (Hidden Headlines #71) I not only thoroughly prove my point, but I will take you reveal how Karl Marx and his writing partner Frederich Engels, the founders of modern day communism, sought to use nature as a tool to implement their evil global scheme. In fact, I will show you how the term “ecology” was actually created out of thin air by a disciple of Marx.

Additionally, in this podcast you will discover that there have been periods in the past 2,000 years where the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has been both significantly colder and WARMER than today. In fact when you learn how little the temperature has warmed since the Industrial Revolution you will be amazed how the left has been able to make such a big deal out of nothing.

Much of what you’ll hear is culled from my National Bestsellers, Climategate and Eco-Tryanny.

Enjoy the podcast!

Brian Sussman

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    • Brian Sussman says

      Yes, Ken.
      Just posted a new one last night!
      Check it out on this website, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
      Thanks–and spread the word!

  1. Renae Shah says

    I listened to you for years on my to work as a teacher at Valley Christian! I can not tell you how much I miss your voice especially right now with all we are facing! I am grateful for your website and pray you are doing well!

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks, Renae.
      Valley Christian is a great school. My kids all went to The Kings Academy.
      I’m doing well, thanks for asking.
      One word: landslide.
      God bless you and the USA.

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