What Every “Free Palestine” Person Needs to Hear

We live in a day of propaganda, agitprop, misinformation and disinformation. That said, every non-Arab, non-Muslim”Free Palestine” person needs to hear the truth.

We are witnessing a blood feud of Biblical proportions. In fact, the animosity between the first Arab (Ismael) and Israelite (Isaac) goes back nearly 4,000 years as recorded in the ancient book of Genesis.

The land where Israel currently exists is a small sliver of the land originally apportioned to the Israelite people by divine decree.  Known as the Promised Land,  3,500 years ago  the territory was originally inhabited by a now long gone people group know as the Canaanites. This is the land God promised to the offspring of Isaac and his brother Jacob. God unconditionally promised that He would give the land to the Jewish people as an eternal possession, confirming it at least 55 times  in the Bible with an oath.

In 70AD, the Roman government officially destroyed what remained of  the great Jewish nation, and subsequently the region was ruled by several empires including the Ottomans and Great Britain. In the year 135, following a failed attempt by Jews in the land to take it back from Rome, the land was officially designated “Philistine.” This was done as an insult to the Jews as their historical enemy in Bible times were the Philistines; the very people from whom Goliath came. Philistine is the same as Palestine. Everyone living in the area–Jew, Arab, Gentile–were Palestinians. The birth certificate of every Jew born in that region prior to 1947 reads: Place of Birth – Palestine.  

When Israel was reborn in 1948, the Arabs who fled the new nation became the “Palestinian people.” All of the Arab countries surrounding Israel (Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon) refused to accept their Arab brethren, instead allowing them to live in horrible condition in territories on the outskirts of Israel. To this day those Arab countries refuse immigration to those kept in the Palestinian territories.

Hamas was founded in 1987 as a terrorist organization bound to Israel’s destruction–it’s actually in their charter. The word hamas, in Hebrew and Arabic, means “violence.” Hamas is now the governing authority, based in Gaza. While the Palestinian people live in squalor, international financial aid meant for the people is spent on munitions and padding the pockets of Hamas’s leaders who live opulent lives in Qatar. It’s ironic that Qatar is supposedly an ally of the United States. For Hamas, there is no “two-state solution.” They want Israel gone. Period.

Hamas is a terrorist organization; i.e. they rape, kill, and dismember their prey. This is allowable by their religion.

Now, enter another terrorist organization, Hezbollah, “The Party of God,” a proxy of Iran. Hezbollah controls southern Lebanon and much of the Lebanese government as well. It has threatened to enter the war on Israel and this week has fired on Israeli positions, killing several soldiers and forcing the evacuation of Israel’s northernmost cities.

Like Hamas, Hezbollah see Israel as an illegal occupier, even thought It’s been Israel’s land since Bible times. But the Arabs are convinced that the descendants of Ishmael–not Isaac–are the rightful owners of the land .

This latest war was started–violently–by Hamas. Israel has a God-given right to defend itself.

And here’s where it gets very scary, albeit demonic. Mohamed unified the Arab people in the 7th century with a new religion–Islam. The hardcore Islamist has been empowered to destroy the Jewish people as well as authentic Christians (this is what we’re seeing in much of Africa right now (and it never makes the news). In recent decades they have also declared America to be “The Great Satan,” which they contend also must fall.

So, a word to the non-Arab, non-Muslim “Free Palestine” protestors in the developed world and especially America: if Hamas and Hezbollah have their way, you’re next on their list.

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