What in the world is happening?

This is me reading the San Francisco Chronicle.

I look at the stories that they are promoting, along with all of the other stuff from the progressive politicians, and I’m wondering when the fire and brimstone are going to begin raining down from Heaven?

I’ve got a story I’ll be posting later this week entitled, Doped Up, Docile, Dependent: The Left’s Plan for the People.  It has to do with all the crazy policies and regulation being pushed by the left.  As I say in the piece (to be first published later this week by World Net Daily),

…look at what the leftists are now openly pushing for: completely legalized marijuana and free needles to keep millions doped up, docile, and dependent; promises of free healthcare and universal income to prevent many more from becoming industrious; and finally, abortion and infanticide to reduce the type of people that are unwanted in their utopian world.

What we’re witnessing is a wildly sinful trend that, unless broken, will curse this nation.

Also, Thursday on my Hidden Headlines podcast I will be interviewing a survivor of an abortion.  Melissa Ohden is a wonderful woman who operates the Abortion Survivors Network–it will be a very powerful episode.



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