What’s in the new book, Suss?


Glad you asked.

In my current Brian Sussman Show podcast series (“Key Concepts from Climate Cult”) I reveal the some of the more important components from Climate Cult: Exposing and Defeating Their War on Life, Liberty, and Property.

In Episode 233, I illustrate how the climate change agenda possesses all the features of a bonafide cult.

In Episode 234, I reveal how the founders of the environmental movement all had direct ties to Karl Marx.

The current episode (235) contrasts Marx’s communist theory with that of John Locke’s theory of Natural Rights (Life, Liberty and Property Ownership). This program presents an essential element from Climate Cult in that the climate agenda mirrors Marx’s belief that the concept of private property ownership should be abolished.

In the coming episodes I will present primers on the benefits of carbon dioxide, and the authentic temperature record of Earth. These two programs will be especially valuable to those who homeschool older students (12-18 years).

By the way, my podcasts can be heard directly on THIS website, or on YouTube and Rumble.

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