What’s Up, Suss? (with an update)

Yes.  I have received and have read (most) of your emails asking a variation of the above question.

First off, I appreciate your concern.  I’ve been a featured part of the KSFO lineup since 2002. My first duties on the iconic San Francisco-based station involved hosting an evening program from 5-8PM, as well as anchoring the Morning Show each Monday (radio superstar Lee Rodgers commandeered the microphone Tuesday through Friday).

In 2010, Lee retired and I was given the Morning Show duties, five days a week. In the beginning the programs ratings were respectable, but in recent years the numbers have become exceptionally strong (and thus, the show is quite profitable).  Thank you for listening and allowing us to fan the flames of freedom (and daily unpack the chuckle truck).

To do a morning show the way we do it is tough.  The energy level must be high for four-hours straight. The content has to be engaging and entertaining.  The preparation is seemingly non-stop and includes getting behind the computer at 3AM to tie all the loose ends together before showtime at 5.  I thank God for my partners in this effort: the beloved Katie Green (news, traffic, and satire), and our producer, the astute Sheri Yee.   These two make the job much easier, and ensure the show’s success.

That said, in April, my superiors at KSFO (in whom I have complete respect) noted my tireless work ethic and suggested I pull back to four days per week.  That’s why my brother, Brad, and Dan Mandis are often filling in once each week.

But that still doesn’t answer many of your questions regarding recent absences from the airwaves.

As most of you may recall, in June my mother died. I was always warned that when the second parent dies it can really throw you for a loop—and it did.  Despite the fact I hated her coffee (old joke), I loved my mom.

Then, more recently, I had a fluke health issue that put me in the hospital for a couple days (don’t worry, I put in five miles on the treadmill this morning, so I’m all right).  Nonetheless, it was still a sign that I can’t reverse entropy.

Getting old sucks, but it beats the alternative.

I hope this suffices in responding to your hundreds of inquiries, and I appreciate your support.  Back to work tomorrow!

Hanging up on myself…


UPDATE: October 23, 2019 –

As many of you are aware, I returned to work on October 9th and then vanished from the airwaves a couple days later.

Yes, this whole situation is health related but, thank God, not life-threatening.  Not sure when I’ll be able to return, but I’m hopeful that my predicament is soon alleviated!

By the way, the staff and management at KSFO has been great during this odd ordeal.

Again, thanks for your heartfelt concern.


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Brian Sussman

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  1. Indeed this helps my curiosity, Brian.
    I’ve been waking up to your show for many years and I wish you the very best of everything.

  2. It’s a lot to handle, Brian but I’m glad to hear your health is A-O-K!
    I will now hang up on myself.
    Rashida Matthews

  3. I was wondering what was going on!
    I love Katie and Sheri–they are soooooo funny.
    Thanks for a a great show and may God bless you.
    Janice K.

  4. Dude, you are the funniest conservative on radio or TV. I laugh out loud every morning when I listen. Thanks for everything you do and I hope your health is really doing better.
    I will now hang up on myself. CLICK.
    Darren H.

  5. Brad does a great job. Dan just misses the mark. But, you da’ man and your Bay Area connection and deadon weather is sorely missed. Take care of yourself and I pray for you and your family.

  6. I finally found your website to read what is going on with you! We will pray for your strength so that you can return soon. Miss you! I’m hanging up on myself…

  7. Keeping you in my prayers! I love listening to the morning show. Brad is doing an awesome job filling in for you.

  8. Brian, I’ve been concerned by your absence, but hopeful that you simply had business to take care of after your dear mother’s passing. You are so correct, getting old sucks, and I’m truly sorry health issues have been the reason for your absence. The crew has been doing an awesome job covering for you, but it isn’t the same without you.

    Sending prayers and healing hugs that you will be ‘back in the saddle’ again soon!

  9. Listening from across the country in NJ and VT on my beautiful Fall morning walks. Sending prayers your way to help with your health challenge. Yes. We need you back on the airwaves hopefully as soon as you feel ready to come back. So glad I found your show. God bless you!

  10. I for one was just worried about you. I pretty much guessed it correctly. (Lost my Mom 8 years ago). Take care of yourself, that’s number one. Miss you!
    Linda B

  11. Thank you for the update! I thought something was amiss! Love brother Brad but miss You! Hope things get better and you can come back to your show! Thinking and praying for you ‘

  12. Brian…I discovered your show maybe a year ago now…and just love you both!! I live in Temecula, CA. And pick you up on my internet radio. We have missed you off the air, and have just read that you are dealing with a health issue, and I am so sorry to read this. Give all your problems to God and He will take care of you. I am a two time cancer survivor….I put God in the driver’s seat and I am but His passenger!! Take care..will add you to my prayers…and yes..we’re getting older and should cherish every day!! I’ll hang up on myself!!

    • Many years ago I had a truck with a bumper stick that read: God is my co-pilot.
      All these years later I agree with you: God is the pilot, I’m just the passenger.
      Best regards,

  13. Miss your hilarious banter with Sheri and Katie. Love your bro, but miss you and I absolutely rely on your weather forecasts! Hope your health is restored and you come back soon. Hanging up….click

  14. You are missed and hope you’ll be back on the air soon. You are on a demanding schedule and it stresses the body.
    Take care so when you return toy will be fit as a fiddle .. Sending love and prayers.
    Marcia Cutter

  15. Having a four day work week is a treasure, but now you have really taken it too far……..We are all so spoiled by you and your team, all of them! My thoughts and prayers are with you and we know you will be back soon, because you have taken care of yourself just like Dr. Recipe Magee taught you!

  16. Hi Brian… We love you Brian and send God’s blessings to you. With his strength and healing you will be back in the saddle again real soon. You are the BEST!! We so appreciate your update. You had us so worried. Family worries about family and you and everybody on the Morning Show are family, including Brad. He is an awesome brother. We look forward to your return soon. You are in our prayers. Barb & Mike

  17. I, too, have wondered about your health with your absences. How I miss the 3 of you. This past year has been a difficult for you, a dutiful son. Your brother and Dan have been great stand-ins, but no one can replace you, Katie and Sheri with your special easy banter. I pray for a speedy recovery. Your podcasts get me through many difficult days. I, too, was hoping you were in Montana(?)mines getting special healing. Love you….get well soon

  18. Hey Brian,
    From a long time listener back to the days of your afternoon show, And your stand up antics with Lee and Melonie .
    I was afraid to find out something bad had happened to you and didn’t want to hear that. I am relieved to hear it will be ok
    Get well soon buddy. Tim from Petaluma

  19. Oh Brian I miss you and was concerned with your absence, like many of us we wake up to your show and enjoy all of you, Brad is doing a great job,but we miss you. Thank you for cluing us in cause we were worried. God give you strength and heal you,will look forward to your return, now I will hang up on myself. Kathy.

  20. Thank you for this update. I was worrying that you or a close loved one was dealing with a grave illness. I hope that you can rebound soon. I miss your wit and analysis even though you drive me crazy when you start bagging on Teslas! You will be in my thoughts and prayers through your return to the airwaves. God bless you.

  21. Hey Guy, thanks for clarifying your absence..was beginning to worry a bit. Along with all your other fans and listeners, we will keep you in our prayers 🙏for your quick return!
    (P.S. thanks again for the live “studio audience” event a couple months ago, which I was lucky enough to attend)😊

  22. Like so many others, I wish you the best with your recovery. I look forward to hearing your daily banter with Katie and
    Sherrie and your pithy comments on news-related topics.

  23. Brian,
    Really appreciate the update. Love listening to your program for many years off and on (get to drive to work now) and appreciate the teamwork of everyone at KSFO morning show.
    BTW, my wife is using your book, Eco-Tyranny to help her explain the other side of Climate Change (hoax) to her students and really appreciates your writing ability.
    Finally, will miss your broadcasts from your mom and Marv’s living room. You and Brad really rolled with those segments.

  24. One of the many praying with and for you and your entire family during this season of transition, first being your mother’s heavenly promotion and second the physical challenges. 🙏 God bless.

  25. Hey Brian! I’m so glad to hear from you. I *REALLY* miss you! You guys crack me up in the AM, during my morning commute. Brad, Katie and Sheri are doing an awesome job… but not the same without you.
    Take care of yourself Bro. Get some rest.
    Love you man.

  26. I have been worried. Had a heart attack myself over a year ago.
    Yup getting old sucks.
    Glad to hear you are ok, sort of, and getting the rest you need.
    Your Brother and Dan are holding down the fort until your return!
    I will keep listening to Katie, and everyone.
    Now hanging up on myself! Daniel

  27. I miss you and I was really concerned about your absence. Happy you are “OK” and cannot wait till December 2nd , to welcome you back to work : )
    hang up on myself!!

    • It’s been a wild ride, Joe.
      I’ll share the details in time. Thankful that everything is NOT life threatening.

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