Where is America? Signs of a Nation in Serious Decline

National moral decline within a nation occurs when God is neglected. Examining all of the great empires and nations throughout world history you see a common thread, as noted by the Old Testament’s Prophet Micah.

Micah lists five different kinds of relationships that are affected by a nation’s refusal to follow God, and they are shockingly similar to what we see in America today. It’s almost as if Micah  is our contemporary and is totally up to speed with our news cycle and social media. It’s as if he’s seen the latest movies, played the latest video games, and watched violent sports.

The five items he lists in the 7th chapter are:
– Lack of Godly influence (immorality)
– Escalating Violence
– Political Corruption
– Unfaithful friendnships
– Breakdown of traditional family

Our collective psyche has been desensitized to the point that we don’t blush. We don’t turn away from violent scenes like we used to, and our children are being exposed to sexual immorality and depravity at a younger and younger age. It’s like we’re the proverbial frog in the pot, not knowing he’s slowly cooking to death.

My Friday podcast (Brian Sussman Show – Episode 187) details this progression towards national failure. The 25-minute show is designed not to discourage you, but to encourage you to be a voice of reason and influence.

Listen on all the popular platforms, or right here.

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