Why am I not posting more articles? Blame my mother–lol

Yes.  I know.  I’ve been absent from posting unique content on this otherwise popular website for a few weeks.

I’m blaming it on Mom.

Besides my daily duties on The KSFO Morning Show, I’ve been consumed with organizing my mother’s Memorial and Celebration of Life events which are going to take place this weekend in Minnesota.  As you may recall, Mom died in June after silently suffering from cancer for many months.

Our gathering will take us to the small farming community where Mom was born, and where she’ll be laid to rest, between her mother and father.

We’ll then head to Grand Rapids, for a beautiful experience with lots of love, fellowship, and memories.  The video look-back on her life I’ve produced is quite moving (i.e., there won’t be a dry eye in the house when its over).

When I return next week, and get back to normal, I’ll address this website.  Meantime, thanks for your support.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Jay Kessler says

    I wondered what was going on and hoped you hadn’t forgotten those of us who enjoy your website.
    Have a wonderful time remembering your mother!
    Jay Kessler

  2. TJ Sellers says

    She must have been one heck of a lady, Suss.
    I know you will represent your family (and her) well.
    You’ve got a great radio show.

  3. Kimberly Andrew says

    Knew why you were silent, and it’s totally understandable. In fact, it’s healthy. Take all the time you need to bid your wonderful mom goodbye.

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