Wow! Joe’s Unity Speech Must Have Been Something Special (sorry I missed it)

So, I’m told over the weekend Joe Biden gave a speech on “unity.”  Wow. I totally missed seeing it, but it must have been something really special.

In his call for unity, I’m guessing he personally apologized to Donald Trump and Trump supporters at large for all the nasty things he said recently about the President and his proponents.  After all, he essentially called Trump a Nazi in that rant on MSNBC on September 26 (***see below for transcript).

Also, from what I’m reading Biden’s unity speech went over really well because my liberal friends on Facebook are quoting Martin Luther King and telling me I need to get over the election results and join them in taking up the banner of unity.

Gosh, that must mean Biden came clean and asked forgiveness for calling Trump supporters “Ugly folks” (October 30) and “Chumps” (October 24). Good ol’ Uncle Joe!

Again, I’m bummed I missed the speech, but I’ve promised myself that after witnessing Fox News going in-the-tank for Joe and Kamala on election night I will never watch that network again. I’m sure they covered his unity speech–right?  I know the other networks certainly covered it, but I gave up on them decades ago (I worked for one of those networks, CBS, for 15 years).

Golly, as I think about it a bit more, that unity speech was spot on! Given that the 70 million people who voted for Trump are at least disappointed, or at most downright pissed, isn’t it wonderful that there has been no violence or riots in the streets? Geez, with all the stores that were (and still are) boarded up here in San Francisco, the folks in charge must be super pleased.

Hmm. I wonder what will happen when Georgia’s final election count goes to Trump (16 electoral college votes), and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania’s corrupt counts are remedied and also go to Trump (another 30 votes)? Joe and Kam will slip way below the 270 threshold. Whoa!

But it’s okay. Once Uncle Joe changes his briefs, I’m guessing he’ll smile before the cameras and read another wonderful unity speech.

Can’t wait to hear about it.


***“People know the president’s a liar,” Biden said. “He’s sort of like (Nazi propaganda mastermind Joseph) Goebbels. You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge” (MSNBC September 26).


Brian Sussman

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  1. Phuc Hu says

    Brian, you should go back to doing the weather or does climate change upset you? You and your swamp friends need to get over the fact that your buddy lost the election. You think Donnie has a chance of five states all overturning the results, let alone one? It’s obvious you drink the Trump Kool-Aid and can’t think for yourself. You are a sad shell of yourself, a lonely sidekick weatherman who simply read the forecasts from the ones doing all the work, the National Weather Service. And you couldn’t hold a candle to Pete Giddings, haha! And Pete was a jerk!
    Worst of all, you call yourself a Christian? Hmmm….All I’m seeing from you is anti-Christ rhetoric. Well, enjoy the next four years under Democratic Leadership. And, Kamala will win in 2024 and be re-elected in 2028. Let’s just say the next twelve years are going to suck for your ideals. But I have a feeling that you are a narcissist, too, and you will make plenty of money along the way, so everything will not be so bad.

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