Your Day at the Beach: Brought to You by Their Day at the Beach

June 6, 1944. 77 years ago today.  2,499 unbelievably brave Americans, whose average age was 20, gave their lives to end the worst scourge the planet has ever seen on Omaha and Utah Beaches. These men were part of  more than 160,000 Allied troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy, facing a torrent of gunfire, artillery shells and bombs. In addition to the American lives, 10,000+ Allied troops were killed. Against all odds, by the end of the day, the liberation of Europe had begun. Satan’s plan to conquer with the world with Nazism was to fail.

There aren’t enough words that any of us could speak that would possibly be enough to thank all the men that fought on D-Day.

We remember them this year, we will remember them next year and we will remember them every single year that passes. It serves as a reminder that the spirit of America, when aligned with prayer and devotion to the God of All Creation, will never back down.

God bless our military and our incredible country.

May a wave of revival sweep this land.

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Brian Sussman

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