Another death via a liberal Obama-era policy

It would seem that my suspicions regarding the fatal police shooting of the innocent woman in Minneapolis have been confirmed. The totally inept officer, Mohamed Noor, a Muslim from Somalia, was brought into the police force via a politically-correct plan concocted by the Obama administration. It’s called, The Building Community Resiliance Pilot Program, and it “…envisions a comprehensive approach to countering violent extremism (CVE) in the United States – best pursued with communities to drive the solutions. Three cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; Boston, MA; and Los Angeles, CA, were selected as pilot cities. Led by the U.S. Attorneys in each district, the communities were tasked with developing comprehensive prevention and intervention pilot programs to help counter violent extremism with- in local communities.”

In order to supposedly counter violent extremism (aka radical Islam) this ridiculous pilot program seeks to recruit police officers from the Somali community. Having Somali officers, they believe, will cause the Somali community to trust the police and see them as legitimate. From the plan: “The Minneapolis Police Department increased its number of Somali police officers, which has helped to increase legitimacy in the [Somali] community. These officers have trained the department on the Somali culture. The police department also has a dedicated community engagement team focused on building trust with the community.”

Like the utopian Sanctuary City policies, this Obama-era plan has left another innocent person dead.

You can read the asinine plan here:

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