California’s scheme to rig the midterm elections (and retake the House)

The Democrats need 24 seats in the House of Representatives in order to reclaim it during the coming midterm elections, thereby re-crowning Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker.


There are 14 congressional districts in California that are represented by Republicans and the Democrats want those seats in a bad way—so bad that they are willing to fraudulently obtain them.

That’s right, basically steal them.

In 2015, California’s Democratic-controlled legislature passed a bill which allows illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses and automatically be entitled to vote; Governor “Moonbeam” Brown signed it into law right away. California has long provided driver’s licenses to anyone who claimed—without proof—that they were in the country legally, but now those same people will have automatic access to voter registration.

The law is called the California New Motor Voter Act.  It takes effect this April 1st (by the way, this is not an April fool’s joke).  The new statute requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to forward records for all eligible applicants to the Secretary of State’s Office for voter registration, unless the applicant chooses not to register to vote (highly unlikely).  Selecting a party affiliation is not required because California’s elections are open, with the exception being the Presidential election.

Lawsuits were filed to try stop this political scheme, but they failed. The possibility of anyone in California checking the voter rolls for fraud is also highly unlikely.  The midterm elections are going to be all about turnout and the lefties that live out here in the Golden State are cheating mad and fired up.

Get ready!  Turn out!

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