Border Children–what would you do?

We’ve all seen the dramatic photographs of children being separated from parents at the border.  The images are often associated with news articles or opinion pieces that accuse the Trump administration of being heartless and immoral for tearing families apart.  Is this really the case?

I’ll preface my remarks by mentioning that during the 1990’s I co-led a non-profit organization known as Brian’s Kids.  Over the course of 10-years, Brian’s Kids arranged for the adoption of over 400 children in foster care.  My own family includes three children who were adopted (but I forget which three).  That said, I’m confident my actions prove that I am definitely pro-child and pro-family.

Let’s begin with the immigration laws, created by Congress and enforced by the Executive branch of the federal government.  Simply put, the law states that when a migrant enters the country outside of an official port of entry, he or she is coming in without inspection and that is a crime. The first offense is a misdemeanor, after that it’s a felony and the offender is referred for prosecution.  The current Administration has let it be known that they will enforce the law rather than ignore or disobey it.  If the migrant is traveling with a child, that child will be separated from the adult and placed in the custody of Health and Human Services.  The policy is similar to what occurs in every state in the nation: when a parent is accused of a crime the associated children are temporarily placed into foster care (at least until an appropriate family member can take them in).

The situation is a bit different for those migrants who ask for asylum.  In this case the migrant is to be vetted to make sure they have not committed an underlying crime, are not a terrorist, and do not have multiple illegal entries.  If the migrant has a child (or children) he or she will have to pass additional scrutiny to assure that there is a biological or legitimate custodial relationship with the child.  Until such a relationship is verified the family is separated.  Asylum is eventually determined by a judge.

I would argue that every parent entering this country outside of a port of entry is aware of the potential consequences if they are caught.  Likewise, I’m confident that those claiming asylum also know that there is a distinct possibility they could be temporarily separated from their children during the process.  As for the phony parents and practitioners of evil?  They will face eternal judgement, but in the meantime, I pray for the children they have endangered!

Keep in mind, only about 20 percent of asylum applicants are actually given asylum by judges, meaning 80 percent of the people coming here are either fraudulently claiming it–which is also illegal–or they do not have a case that fits within the statutory framework.  The 80-percenters are removed from the country.

So, if you are one of the many who believe what is happening to families at our border is unfair, or even immoral, I ask this question: if youwere charged with making the laws of this land, what would you do?  Remember, one of the primary responsibilities of the federal government is to maintain our safety and protect the people from enemies both foreign and domestic.  But again, I ask, what would youdo?

  • Would you trust every that every child accompanied by an adult is actually legitimately related?
  • How would you prevent child molesters, human traffickers, and kidnappers from entering with their prey?
  • What about migrants seeking asylum who are wanted for crimes in the country they are fleeing, hoping they can use the children in their company as a gateway to life in the United States?
  • What about those who are lying about the need for asylum?
  • And regarding unaccompanied teens with no documentation who are hoping for asylum, how would you be sure that they are not members of MS-13, the Sureño gang, Los Aztecas, or even one of the Somali gangs (it’s not just people from Latin America trying to come up from Mexico)?
  • Also, since you are hypothetically able to make the laws, as one who swore an oath to uphold the law would you? Or would you turn a blind eye to your oath of office?

Instead of protests that become violent it would beneficial to think about these matters and contact your elected Representative and Senators in Washington.  They make the laws.  There’s even a congressional midterm election in just a few months.  And, if you don’t like how the laws are being enforced by the Executive branch, you’ll have a chance to try change that in 2020 and 2024.

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