Defund Meals on Wheels? Yes!

It sounds so heartless. “Defund Meals on Wheels!”

However, the fake news media wants to hide something from you: Meals on Wheels is not a government program, it’s a non-profit corporation that only receives 3.3 percent of it’s funding from government sources.  Given that for every federal dollar spent 15-cents must be borrowed we the people don’t need to provide Meals on Wheels a dime!  With nearly 97 percent of their operating budget coming from non-government sources it’s clear that private citizens, businesses, and corporations are very willing to donate (with a tax deduction) money to this worthy program.

As for funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on the chopping block?  I’ve been hearing such fiscal talk from conservatives for years, which, back in the day, used to be countered by liberals who screamed, “They want to kill Big Bird!”

Well guess what? Big Bird and his friends from Sesame Street were sold to HBO.  My point is the Corporation for Public Broadcast has some great programs which are able to compete in the for-profit world.  There’s no need for taxpayer dollars going to their operation. Cut it!

By the way, the Trump administration has likely done Meals on Wheels a big favor with this publicity–the donations will be pouring in.


  1. Dave Rodrigues says:

    Brian, a while back, around the time Oakland and Berkley were having people demonstrate against President Trump you mentioned a web site that the anti demonstration protestors could go to for information on how to effectively ruin a peaceful demonstration. You spoke about it on your morning show, saying these people were paid agitators, even were given paid health plans, anyway I’m having a discussion with some liberal friends about how the left is not so nice and I would like the web site you mentioned,


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