Enjoy Independence Day with my Patriot Ribs!

                                    Brian Sussman’s World Famous Patriot Ribs

These ribs really are world famous.  Since I originally posted this recipe nearly 10-years ago I’ve received positive feedback from people all over the planet!  Well-meaning, highbrow BBQ aficionados tell me my ribs should have a little more “bite,” but I’ve found the average consumer loves seeing that meat simply fall off the bone.  So, the Patriot Rib recipe is what it is—a delicious crowd pleaser!  By the way, I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit over the years–this is the latest and greatest version!

Here’s the recipe:

Remove the ribs from the wrapping. DO NOT rinse the ribs. Place the ribs bone-side down in a ceramic, or glass, baking pan. Cover both sides of the ribs with BBQ rib rub of choice (I prefer Kirkland’s Sweet Mesquite BBQ Rub from Costco, but if you have a favorite use it!).  By the way, St. Louis pork ribs work just as well as the baby backs (I cannot guarantee this recipe for beef ribs).

Next, give your hands a good wash and then pour a nice stout beer (I prefer Guinness Stout)) into the pan, a little less than an inch deep.  Do not try this with anything other than a dark stout beer or the ribs will be ruined.

Cover with aluminum foil and let the ribs sit for an hour on the kitchen counter.

Preheat your oven to 320.  Bake the ribs (in the pan, with the beer, covered with foil) for two hours.

Next, turn off the oven. Let the ribs remain in the closed oven for another hour.

While the ribs are sitting in the oven, fire up your BBQ/grill and get the cooking grate nice and hot. Now we’re ready for “show time.”  Take the ribs out of the oven and directly onto the grate, bone side down. Slather your favorite BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays is a big winner in my household) on the meat side.  After three minutes flip the ribs and apply the sauce onto the bone side.  Let them cook for 5-minutes.  This will allow for some nice grill marks to develop and allow the sauce to caramelize. When 5-minutes are up, flip the ribs back onto the bone side and let them cook for another 2-minutes.

Finally, get those ribs off the grill and onto a big serving plate!  Don’t be surprised if a couple bare bones lay behind.  Once served, the meat will literally fall off the bone. If your guests want additional sauce on their ribs make it available—and don’t forget a roll of paper towels in the middle of the table.

God bless you, your family, and America! Enjoy.



  1. Maureen says:

    Love you Brian!!! I thought my ribs were the most tender but I’m going to try yours!

  2. Patriot Ribs!

    Hey Brian!
    My first time ever cooking ribs (I’m 52). When I heard you talking on the radio about this recipe I thought, “now thats the kind of ribs I like. Not gnawing on the thing like a dog trying to remove the meat”. Followed the recipe with Murphy Stout, Kirkland Mesquite seasoning and Kinder’s Organic BBQ sauce. Good thing I have a double oven as the ribs from Costco required 3 dishes to hold all the meat. Delicious!

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