About that hypocritical Paris deal…

A lot of folks have been urging me to weigh in on President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate deal, so here’s a quick hit (I have much more to say at www.theclimategatebook.com):

  • It was not a Treaty–those have to be ratified by the Senate and they had the wisdom to not enter into this anti-American international scheme.  President Obama agreed to this accord with little more than a handshake.
  • It was part of a plan that had been in Obama’s bag of tricks since he was a senator. One of the only pieces of legislation he sponsored was one The Global Poverty Act, which demanded that billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars be siphoned off each year to Third World counties (with no accountability) in the name of the environment (see www.theclimategatebook.com).
  • The Paris deal was not about reducing global temperature of stabilizing the climate–it was about m-o-n-e-y and the appearance of being green.  Apple CEO Tim Cook is hacked off about Trumps’ move (an Apple employee showed me the letter he sent out to his employees).  Yet Apple products are inexpensively made in China where there are few controls for pollution compared to making the same products in America and the Paris accord allows the Chinese to garner cheap energy from unfettered coal-fired power plants and has no curbs on pollution germinated from manufacturing.  Likewise, Tesla/SolarCity CEO Elon Musk is also upset, yet SolarCity manufactures it’s panels in China where the environmental standards are plain ugly.

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