This TV Pilot Episode is a Must See!

Seriously.  If you watch the first 4-minutes of the trailer I’ve post below, you will stop everything to watch the remaining 15-minutes.

This is the pilot for the first-ever multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life, entitled, “The Chosen.”  It is also the most crowdfunded film project ever, surpassing $5 million in investor pledges.

“We’re proud to let you know ‘The Chosen’ is now the No. 1 crowd-funded media project of all time,” said an announcement emailed to supporters last week.

“If you look at the public information available of the top crowd-funded film/TV projects of all time, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’s reboot has been No. 1 at $5.7 million. And even though all the projects on the list had huge fan bases before they started, we (again, not all of us) somehow believed we could raise much more,” the announcement added.

The first episode, “The Shepherd: A Story of the First Christmas,” was released during the holidays in 2017.  The pilot, which can be watched on the video streaming service VidAngel and other platforms, has been used to help raise over $6 million of the $13 million goal.

Check it out. It’s incredibly well done!

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