Get ready for the remodel!

For 20-hours each week, as a part of The KSFO Morning Show, I bring you the news and views you won’t hear anywhere else.  The recipe to our success on the radio is a mix of the top news of the day, intriguing lifestyle information, and just plain hilarious stuff (all in equal portions).  However, there’s something missing from that mix: the news and views that deal with issues of heart and soul.  That’s why we’re re-doing this website.

In the coming days will be subtitled, Another Chance.  Let’s be real, there are times when everyone could use another chance–especially from God.  So, with that in mind, I’ll have blogs, videos, and at the center of it all, two podcasts.  The first will be an ongoing series appropriately called, Another Chance.  Each episode will feature an amazing story about people who were divinely given another shot at life.  Some of my featured guests were criminals, some were terrorists, others went broke, some were addicts, some deathly ill, and a few just made one too many dumb decisions–but each came out victorious thanks to the mighty hand of the God of the Bible–the God of another chance.

The second podcast will be a weekly wrap-up of stories that the Fake News media won’t touch: stories about the attack on faith and family values in the public square.

We’re getting close to launch!  I’ll keep you posted.


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