Me? Radio Guy of the Year?


What an honor.

Today I was awarded the Don Sherwood Award for the Bay Area’s Most Popular Radio Host of 2018. My cohorts, Katie Green (news, traffic, and hilarity) and Sheri Yee (producer extraordinaire) where with me, as were a many, many  past and current performers in the Bay Area radio and TV scene.

It’s remarkable to think that of the 110 radio shows broadcasting in the Bay Area, our Morning Show often finishes each month overall (6+) in the top-5,  and in the key demographic (25-64) we often bust into the top-10.  Unheard of for a 5,000 watt radio station doing a conservative show in a liberal city.

However, our online audience is the one that is mind-boggling.  We are often the most listened to local (non-syndicated) radio show in the United States!

THANK YOU, listeners for voting me the top radio guy for 2018.


Brian Sussman

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  1. Mark Benson says

    I’m upset because you set standards that no one else on radio can attain. I’m spoiled. You, Katie…..even Sherri participating. I SO MISS IT !!!!!!!

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