Another reason to give thanks: Flynn is free and the Deep State is NOT having a Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, Lord! General Michael Flynn is a free man, having been pardoned by President Donald Trump–and just in time for the release of the Kraken.

The leftists on the boob tube seems to think that General Flynn is simply going to slink back in his easy chair and fade away. Are they nuts? This is a battlefield intelligence genius who was imprisoned for nothing more than misspeaking when being grilled by a multitude of FBI agents at once. Michael Flynn was framed and vilified by the corrupt, treasonous deep state because he refused to betray his country and serve as Obama’s DoD puppet.

Flynn is now a free man; all the efforts of the deep state to destroy him have failed. He’s back in the game and ready to fight and defend the American republic against its domestic enemies.

This does not mean that Flynn will be put into an official position (he might), but that he’s now free to tell all–and I’m sure he is right now.

The Deep State is NOT having a happy Thanksgiving.

This is going to be awesome.

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Brian Sussman

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