Armed Thieves Rob Members in Alabama Church

NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT)-Police in Northport are looking for two men who robbed several church members at gunpoint Saturday night.  Both men were wearing masks when they walked inside
Iglesia De Dios Evangelio Completo Pentecostes Church.

Pastor Greg Strictland calls the crime at the church shameful.  He is the pastor of Northport
Church of God that is located across the street.

“They should and punished to the fullest extent of the law. And I am praying for the mental well being for the people of the congregation of our sister church across the street there.  And I pray the peace of God will help them through this and not become fearful to the point that they won’t want to come out to worship” Strictland said.

The crime happened just after seven o’clock in the evening while a church meeting was underway.  Assistant Chief Keith Carpenter says Fifty church members were inside when the two gunmen walked in.

“They entered the church and threatened everyone that was there from the reports there were fifty
people in the church at the time.  So they were all in one room” Carpenter said.

The two men took: Cash, cell phones, wallets and credit cards from church members.  Pastor Greg Strictland says his church has armed security.  He says tragically this is a reminder why their is a need for security at his church.

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