Biden to America: “You’re Islamaphobic and need to help Ukraine”

Hamas started this war with a horrid, well-planned attack that killed, tortured and captured innocent citizens and tourists on the Sabbath. And yet in Joe Biden’s speech from the oval office addressing the tense situation facing Israel, he played both ends against the middle, pretending to support both Israel and “Palestine.”

All the while, the speech really ended up being about Ukraine and bigoted Americans.

Biden’s speech writers employed some incredible feats of rhetoric to try connect Israel to Ukraine , suggesting somehow that if American’s support Israel’s war for its own survival, then they must also support unlimited taxpayer resources for Ukraine, which remains under attack from Putin’s Russia. Joe never mentioned that the money we send to Ukraine goes to defense contractors and a host of Ukrainian middle men, hucksters, and oligarchs.

Then Joe scolded Americans for being bigots,  Despite the fact that radical Muslims targeted Jews for torture, rape, and murder, Joe said, “I know many of you in the Muslim American community are outraged saying to yourself ‘here we go again’ with Islamophobia and distress we saw after 9/11.”

It’s not Islamaphobia, Joe. It’s called keeping your head on the swivel.

Pray for America. We need better leadership, and a spiritual revival.


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Brian Sussman

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