Media Deflection: U.S Bioweapons Lab in Ukraine?

The left’s propagandists in the “mainstream” media have circled the wagons to “fact check” and dismantle any claims that there are bioweapons being manufactured in Ukraine by the United States.

The Washington Post says such assertions are “Russian disinformation.”

Reuters has printed that these allegations  are “laughable.”

The New York Times headlines declares, “Theory About US-Funded Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine Is Unfounded.”

Right away, such snarky blowbacks naturally cause my suspicions to arise. Perhaps these claims are not so far fetched after all?

And who is the most prominent voice regarding this talk of bioweapons in Ukraine? Former Congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate, Lieutenant Colonel Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbert currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserve and has been deployed.

TULSI GABBARD: Here are the undeniable facts. There are 25 to 30 U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine. According to the U.S. government, these biolabs are conducting research on dangerous pathogens. Ukraine is in an active war zone with widespread bombing, artillery and shelling, and these facilities, even in the best of circumstances, could easily be compromised and release these deadly pathogens.

If Lt. Col. Gabbert is lying, that’s treason. Why would she go there? Gabbert has long been a thorn in the side of the Democrat Party because of her penchant for being honest and calling out crooks, and now they are doing their damndest to make her look like a total fibbing flapjack.

And then there is this deflection reported over the weekend by CBS News: Pentagon officials have confirmed that these biolabs in Ukraine are, in fact, conducting research on anthrax and other “deadly pathogens.”

Nothing to see here, folks. Just research on antrax–in a war zone!

We’re not getting the full story here. Congrats to truth teller and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for being bold and speaking up.

Brian Sussman

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