Breaking: Democrat Senator blocks bill preventing infanticide

Just saw this from LifeNews:

A leading pro-abortion U.S. Senator today objected to a Senate vote on legislation that would stop infanticide.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse had wanted to vote on Monday on a bill to protect babies born alive after failed abortions.

The Senate vote would have come days after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law new legislation that allows abortions up to birth and after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam backed infanticide during a radio interview — saying that he’s perfectly content if doctors and parents discuss letting disabled babies die after birth.

Sasse asked of the Senate for unanimous consent to vote on legislation that would offer them appropriate Medical Care and treatment.

However, speaking on behalf of pro-abortion Senate Democrats, pro-abortion Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington State, stood up and objected to the vote.

Senator Marco Rubio condemned Democrats for blocking a vote on the bill.

“That Senate Democrats would block a bill to protect a baby who survives an abortion speaks volumes,” said Rubio. “Supporting a newborn’s right to life should not be a partisan issue. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats, like their colleagues in Virginia and New York, seem to have no issue publicly supporting legal infanticide. It is clear that, on the issue of life, extremism has become mainstream in the Democratic Party.

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  1. Jac cates says

    Both of our (Washington) Senators are amoral monsters that will abort a child and save a murderer on death row. I can’t imagine my life without my intellectual disabled friends! When I’m all stressed out I call or see my lifelong friend and his outlook on life cheers me up. This is Satans world though, and all we can do is point that out. Jesus will be here soon!

  2. Tamara I. Carr says

    About late term abortion. Both my parents were in concentration camps; my father a Russian prisoner of war and my mother a German who fought with the resistance. My Canadian husband always said to me “Germans, all Germans, knew about the camps but few did anything about that. Most German were silent. They are all guilty.” My husband is under the opinion that their silence was the same as being bystanders. Today in this nation we are in the same situation. Millions of babies are murdered and cut to shreds. The first thing the abortionist does is cut the child’s vocal cords so the lousy mom doesn’t have to hear the child’s scream. So I said to my husband “You accused the German people of being silent bystanders and we are just like them today in allowing the killing innocent life. What are we going to do about infanticide? Aren’t you and we just like the German citizens of yesteryear? What’s your excuse? My husband said “what do you want me to do about this? I’m old and tired and what can any of us do? We can’t fight the government.” I told him “We must protest, write letters … anything within the law to make our voices heard and make the public aware; because the public don’t want to hear the truth. The minute you tell them what they are really doing to the babies they run with both hands covering their ears.”

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thank you for sharing. I am going to include your remarks in the upcoming edition of the Hidden Headlines Podcast (I’ll keep your anonymous).

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