A Call to Global Jihad?

As Israelis were wrapping up the seven-day-long Jewish festival of Sukkot on Saturday, sirens echoed across the country just before dawn. It was a full-fledged, well organized surprise attack waged from the air, sea and ground by hoards of blood thirsty Hamas militants.

Thousands of missiles fired from Gaza streaked through the sky and began raining down on indiscriminate targets in Israel. Simultaneously, hundreds of armed fighters of the terrorist group, many on motorcycles, followed bulldozers that breached fences separating Israel from Gaza and charged into cities, taking Israeli soldiers off guard and gunning down citizens.

The coordinated ambush also included dozens of motorboats storming Israeli beaches and engaging in fierce firefights with Israeli forces. Other armed Hamas attackers swooped into Israel on paragliders.

Now, apparently there has been a brazen warning of yet another possible attack. Former Chairman of Hamas, Khaled Mashal, posted a video yesterday (Tuesday, October 15) on YouTube in his native Arabic. It was noted by former Muslim-turned-Christian, Brother Rachid, on Twitter. Rachid gave this translated analysis of Mashal’s YouTube message:

Khalid Mashal the leader and founding member of Hamas gave a speech today asking Muslims all around the world to do the following: 1. To show anger, especially next Friday, in Muslim countries and Also among Muslim diaspora around the world; he called it “the Friday of Al-Aqsa flood”, he said this will send a message of rage to Zionists and to America 2. He asked for financial help from all Muslims around the world; to help with their money, he called it “Financial Jihad”. He asked Muslims to give to the fighters of Gaza in order to compensate them for the destruction 3.He asked political pressure, from Muslim leaders and Muslim nations, to stop Israel’s military invasion of Gaza 4.The most important thing: He asked all Muslims around the world to carry Jihad by their souls; to fight and be martyrs for Al-Aqsa. He wants Muslims to fight against the Jews, starting with Muslims who live in the countries surrounding Israel: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt (but also other countries), to go to the borders and try to enter, each by his own means. He said: This is the time for Jihad to be applied on the ground rather than just in theory. He asked the Mujahedeen to go in long caravans to spell their blood on the land of Palestine.

The video of Mashal has since been removed from YouTube.

Here and Here are my sources for this troubling information.

We must not just observe this battle, but we must actively engage through the powerful weapon of prayer in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, God’s only Son.


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