More Stunning Proof: It’s Not About The Environment  

As I’ve repeatedly said ever since my first book, Climategate, was published in 2010 (following an appearance on Sean Hannity’s television show), “It’s not about the environment, it’s about Marxism.”

The entire climate agenda is based on patiently lulling the masses into a green stupor whereby they can be herded into a collectivist society run by broad-minded elitists. It’s about extinguishing our inalienable (God-given) rights of life, liberty and the happiness found in property ownership, and replacing them with a government enforced system of social justice and equity that will necessarily redistribute .wealth and leave us—the “lesser-minded”—with dull and droll lives.

Case in point, check out this recent press release from Western University in Canada:

If global warming reaches or exceeds two degrees Celsius by 2100, Western University’s Joshua Pearce says it is likely mainly richer humans will be responsible for the death of roughly one billion mainly poorer humans over the next century.

Their solution is also found in the presser:

A Western-led study proposes aggressive energy policies that would enable immediate and substantive decreases to carbon emissions and recommends a heightened level of government, corporate and citizen action to accelerate the decarbonization of the global economy, aiming to minimize the number of projected human deaths.

The press release and subsequent study are vivid illustrations of how the climate agenda is nothing more than a Marxist scheme to cripple America first, then the rest of the developed world, particularly Europe.

Since 1917, when communism claimed Russia, the leading cause of unnatural death—in the entire world—has been Marxism in its various forms. The Marxist’s know once America falls, the rest of the dominoes will follow and they can seize the global populace.

Just note the very first sentence in the press release: richer humans will be responsible for the death of roughly one billion. 

 This is in your face agitprop; rich vs poor, us vs them. It’s what communists do to justify destroying free markets.

Now note another sentence  from the press release: a heightened level of government, corporate and citizen action to accelerate the decarbonization of the global economy

This is code for government enforcement to limit personal property rights, pick corporate winners and losers, and empower stakeholders to shut down Big Oil. Their envisioned decarbonized world will skyrocket inflation, trash the dollar, give us an energy grid filled with rolling blackouts and insecurity, and provide the elites with the opportunity to control us, while they rake in cash through early investments in government mandated green technology.

Illustrating my point, just last month the state of California filed massive lawsuits against the five largest oil companies claiming they are responsible for wildfires, flooding, and extreme heat caused by their products which produce greenhouse gases, forcing global warming. Their wild claims are based on pseudo-science.

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