“New Denial,” Proof Their Climate Charade is Falling Apart


Those who contend the theory of human-caused climate change is fraudulent are now being swept into an online dragnet designed to silence such “denial.” Using an “AI model to measure changes in climate denial on YouTube,” The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has determined that those who oppose the theory have lost the scientific debate and have now pivoted to rhetorical arguments which CCDH refers to as the “New Denial.”

After examining over 12,000 videos, CCDH contrasts how the so-called deniers have altered their talking points recent years. According to the study, “Old Denial” claimed:
–  “Global warming is not happening.”
–  “Human-generated greenhouse gasses are not causing global warming.”

Now, New Denial, they say, states:
–  “The impacts of global warming are beneficial or harmless.”
–  “Climate solutions won’t work.”
–  “Climate science and the climate movement are unreliable.”

What is the Center for Countering Digital Hate’s recommendation to YouTube? Censorship, of course. In fact, they recommend YouTube declare: “We do not allow content that contradicts the authoritative scientific consensus on the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change.”

This is exactly how cults operate, hence the title of my soon-to-be-released book, Climate Cult: Exposing and Defeating Their War on Life, Liberty and Property. Rather than win an argument on substance, they resort to discrediting their opposition and then refuse to allow them to be heard.

Having been in the thick of the climate change debate since my first book on the subject, Climategate, was published in 2010, I can tell the folks at Digital Hate why the focus of our argument has altered in recent years. It’s real simple: the theory of human-caused global warming and climate change has been debunked. That’s what science is all about, taking a premise and aggressively look for flaws. If defects can be found, you throw out the theory. Let me share two such flaws. First, there have been periods of time on planet earth where the temperature was clearly warmer than today, long before combustion engines were using fossil fuels. This is evident from historical footnotes which speak of delicious wine grapes being grown 1,000 years ago in England (the weather is much too cold to accomplish that today), to the Vikings having an expansive base of operations located in Greenland, where the climate was mild compared to today. But then there is the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere derived from fossil fuels: for every 62,000 molecules in the sky above, only one is caused by the use of gas or oil. The tail can’t wag the dog. You see, for we climate realists, the scientific debate was won years ago; so now we’ve moved on. Yes, CO2 is an essential atmospheric gas that plants depend on; the more CO2, the more plants thrive. The solutions the climate agenda proposes are not just untenable, but ridiculous. And yes, their movement is founded upon Marxist doctrine.

The climate change agenda attempts to gain converts by frightening them with predictions of global mayhem. Every storm, every wildfire, every heat wave and cold snap is now the result of your lifestyle.  It’s as if extreme weather is new to planet Earth.  Their agenda prescribes solar and wind power, electric vehicles, vegan diets, and birth control. They claim that if their environmental plans are adopted by developed nations, they will be able to cleanse the world of its former dirty carbon footprint and bring forth a new area of social justice and equity.

Don’t take the bait. This report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate is akin agitprop designed to bully YouTube into shutting down opposing points of view. My current Brian Sussman Show Podcast (Episode 228) reveals even more to this important story.

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