Clinically Dead Vet Wakes Up

I love stories like this.  They force us to keep our minds open to the mysterious nature of the Holy Spirit.

A Wisconsin veteran was clinically dead.  And then, he woke up.

WTMJ in Milwaukee reports that Sergeant First Class Jim Bittner (seen in photo) was scheduled for a specialized surgery  to clean plaque out of his arteries and lungs.  But, prior to surgery, Bittner went to the Emergency Room.  “I was having shortness of breath and I started coughing up blood,” he said.

Bittner went to the ER in Mosinee, Wisconsin, but doctor’s there knew he needed more specialized care, so they flew him by helicopter to Froedtert.  That’s where he went into cardiac arrest. Doctors  feared he suffered severe brain damage

According the Bittner’s wife, Mary,“His heart did not beat just over three minutes. But it was 55 minutes that his lungs didn’t send adequate oxygen to his brain.”

Dr. Lyle Joyce, a heart surgeon said, “I was in the operating room just down the hall and they called me to see if there was anything we could do.” Dr. Joyce placed Bittner on life support. Joyce thought it would be an honorable way for the family to say their goodbyes.

But, to the surprise of everyone, the next day, Jim woke up!  Doctors immediately planned surgery–which was successful.

Weeks later, The Bittners are all smiles, just in time for the Holidays.

“I got too much stuff to do!” exclaimed Bittner.

Brian Sussman

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