COVID-19 News Update: The Post BANNED by Facebook

This content was banned in a post I attempted to share Facebook. Meantime, I received word from a dear friend who had to make the decision to take his father off a ventilator and be allowed to die because of the coronavirus (my friend is an M.D.). These are trying times for sure. Lots of pain, and fear.

Here’s is EXACTLY what I tried to share via Facebook (statistics are for 2020):


My son in Switzerland has been worked over by the coronavirus, but he’ll be okay. 

Meantime, here are real time statistics (as of April 2, 2020) from

52,580 – Coronavirus deaths this year
123,380 – Seasonal flu deaths this year
10,786,151 – Abortions this year
2,084,123 – Deaths caused by cancer this year
1,268,562 – Deaths caused by smoking this year
634,681 – Deaths caused by alcohol this year
426,589 – Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year
342,552 – Road traffic accident fatalities this year
272,121 – Suicides this year
248,910 – Deaths caused by malaria this year
The point I was trying to make was (I’m not denying there is a coronavirus, my 24-year old son has it) that all of these deaths mentioned in the post brought forth tears. However, the government response is out of whack versus COVID-19, and it’s got me to ask questions.  Why aren’t we banning cigarettes (1.2 million deaths so far this year)? What about alcohol (634K deaths so far)? Clearly condoms and seatbelts aren’t saving enough lives either (426K AIDS/HIV and 342K traffic fatalities). Why are so many taking their own life (272K suicides)? Most malaria deaths occur in Africa–don’t those lives matter (248K)?
And then there is abortion (10.7 Million this year). Yes, I believe the women who have abortions cry too.  And the innocent babies…?
There’s something else at play here and because I’ve never seen anything like this before it’s more than a bit mystifying.
Meantime, the talking heads on FoxNews keep telling me, “We’ll get through this together.”
May God bless you all, and may you remain safe.

Brian Sussman

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  1. Gail Watkins says

    Very telling statistics for year to date…guess no one (in the government, “the” WHO, state governments) wants real statistics to reach the public at large, especially COVID-19 and seasonal flu deaths side-by-side. You, Brian, certainly know how to research facts. So why is everything shut down here???

    Did Switzerland get hit first by this latest disease? It makes sense, because of it’s location and fluid population in the world. Certainly glad Josh (and his family?) is coming through it.

    Loved last Friday’s Hidden Headlines Podcast…

  2. DeNise Schulmeyer says

    What in the actual world was wrong with that?!?!?!?!
    I had a post deleted a few days ago also.
    It had nothing to do with anything that could have been offensive. The FB police are paranoid! Smh.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Maybe it’s the abortion statistic?
      As a guy who’s adopted three kids, and had an organization in the 1990s that helped get over 400 children adopted, when I saw that number my heart sank (and then I wondered how God feels).
      Stay safe,

  3. Linda Marver says

    I was shocked when I saw the statistics you showed up above from I discovered this website a few weeks ago and have shared some of the statistics with people I know. Haven’t found anyone that really cares! Scary that our economy has collapsed and most people I know don’t seem that alarmed. They are mostly over 60 so maybe that is why! I have sons who have businesses with employees and are fearful for their companies survival. Praying a lot!
    Miss you on the radio. Be well…

  4. BRUCE BAGLEY says

    do you have a link to that chart or did you compile it from the site? Someone really needs to beg the question what is worse 10 million unemployed, businesses folding, civil liberty shutdown or getting a virus that has a less than 1% death rate which is mostly seniors.

    on a side note-sure would like to see Katie do her own show some day-her talent is being wasted

  5. Phillis Setchell says

    Hi Brian,
    Hello from KS. Thank you for all you do to get truth out to us. I will use that list of deaths. I would like you to see Dr Rashid Buttar’s research on his Facebook. There are 4 videos to break it up because there is a lot of documented info, but his 5th video has been banded and threatened to shut all his social media if he posts it. So he has a private health portal that is free but you have to sign in as a member to see it.
    It is worth it. His research matches many of my topics, including the role 5G is playing and the Gate’s Foundation’s actions and plans including population control.
    Phillis Setchell

    • Brian Sussman says

      I am more than familiar with his work; in fact, that’s where I discovered the statistics that were banned by Facebook.
      Blessings to you, Phillis.

  6. Mark Benson says

    I understand your reasons for retirement…..and respect them. You did your part for God and country……and then some. I was fortunate enough to listen to you and the fabulous Katie Green for 6 years. Having said that……….
    your voice is needed now more than ever. I’ve never heard such a voice. Artful. I can’t explain it. It has to be experienced. The dem/media bunch are going to pull out all the stops to get rid of Trump……he needs you. We need you.

    • Brian Sussman says

      That’s why I can’t remain silent, Mark.
      My health really took a turn in October; in fact it was more serious at the time then I realized, but I’m on some good meds and should be back to normal soon. Meantime, my podcasts are picking up steam.
      Thanks for your encouragement.

  7. Maria says

    So refreshing to get your great perspective on this, Brian. You and the other BS have been greatly missed. I’m praying that your son is feeling better soon and that all of the Sussman clan stay healthy. Wish you all the best!

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks for the kind words, Maria.
      I’m doing much better (health-wise) as well and hope to be back to normal very soon.

  8. John NOh says

    Brian, I was trying to make this point to my wife yesterday saying that our national reaction to this virus does not seem commensurate to its actual threat, when you take into context all the other things that cause mortality. It seems to me that this is fear-driven and that the supposed cure looks to be way worse than the disease. If the government knows more about the true nature of this virus, they should be transparent about it. It’s dealing with the unknowns and partial information that’s causing people more grief than anything.

  9. Jennifer Malakoff says

    Great information and questions. I always appreciate your thoughtful perspective. Ps. Happy Birthday! May this year be your most blessed yet.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Jennifer.
      This has actually been a really odd day with a lot of tears. So much sadness in the world right now.

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