COVID Vaccine: the new passport

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I’m sure many of you saw this coming weeks  ago. The COVID-19 vaccine is fast becoming the new passport.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with authoritarians in mostly Democrat-run states, and the trans-nationalist elites who run the much of the world, are now showing their hand regarding our ability to travel, both domestically and internationally.

Domestically, that means the U.S. Constitution’s ‘right to travel’ guarantee be damned.

A story from the Washington Post published Dec. 28 details how the CDC is telling airlines who can and cannot fly based on whether they’ve tested positive for the virus.

The paper notes: 

The CDC says in no uncertain terms not to travel while sick or after testing positive for the coronavirus. This year, the agency has added more than 400 people to a “Do Not Board” list for covid-19; those on the list will not be issued a boarding pass for any commercial flight in, to or from the United States.

In addition, the political leaders of Democrat stronghold states are also imposing restrictions regarding the virus, including imprisonment. As a result, the airline industry is already trending towards mandating that passengers have so-called “vaccine passports” before they’ll be allowed on board a flight.

That’s because, as the Post reported, more and more people are beginning to complain that the “honor system” — that is, relying on passengers to be honest about whether or not they’ve tested positive or have symptoms of COVID-19 — isn’t reliable.

But it’s also true that a large plurality of people who have contracted the disease have no idea they have it because they’re not symptomatic.

“Individuals can be pre-symptomatic or entirely asymptomatic,” Joshua Barocas, an epidemiologist at the Boston University School of Medicine, told the Post. “In both cases those individuals are still infectious, and the symptom screening tools are completely ineffective.”

Nonetheless, the CDC, according to the Post, has yet to confirm that anyone who was positive with the virus and flew on a play transmitted it to anyone else. 

So the solution? Mandated vaccines followed by proof of vaccination. 

As  CNN reported this week, “Now that coronavirus vaccines are starting to roll out in the US and abroad, many people may be dreaming of the day when they can travel, shop and go to the movies again. But in order to do those activities, you may eventually need something in addition to the vaccine: a vaccine passport application,”  

Public health officials are so desperate to vaccinate a majority of Americans, they are now calling “vaccine hesitancy” a public health threat. Informed consent no longer matters. Individuals are lumped into a collective category — a priority group – and told to vaccinate as a herd.  According to Dr. Paul Offit, who sits on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), there must be “mass vaccination events” that would mobilize federal, state and local resources to round people up and get the job done.

“So it can’t be like getting a flu shot, where you walk into CVS when you can,” Offit said. “There has to be these mass vaccination events.”

Complete with silly I’m Vaccinated stickers to place on your shirt or blouse, I’m predicting.

As I’ve mentioned in recent Hidden Headlines’ Podcasts, this is everything the trans-nationalist, technocratic, socialist elites ever hoped for and more.

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