For Shame: the COVID-19 Relief Bill just passed by Congress

Question: What is 5,593 pages long, costs the American taxpayer $900 billion, sends $135 million to Burma, $130 million to Nepal, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $33 million to Venezuela (all without spending accountability, these bills never do), and provides up to $1800 for the families of illegal immigrants. Oh, and it gives you $600?

Answer: The Covid-19 Aid Bill!


That’s right, you lost your business, your lost your job, your hours have been cut, you’re getting fat because your gym is closed, you’re down because you can’t hang out with friends, you know of a person who committed suicide in part because lockdown, and this is the “bipartisan deal” created by congress to address COVID-19?????

And we’re to believe everyone in Congress had a chance to read this thing?


Please, Mr. President, veto this faster than Oprah changes diet plans.


Brian Sussman

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  1. Nevada Sandy says

    Hey Brian,
    Curious if you know the total $ amount of the $900B that is for us regular Americans and the total that is set aside for the illegal immigrants? It’s funny how the MSM doesn’t talk about those other set asides and I bet people wouldn’t be happy if they found out their $600 could be $x more if millions weren’t being sent elsewhere. Keep up the fight!

    • Brian Sussman says

      Hey, Nevada Sandy!
      Not sure about the details of the bill. I’m so busy praying about Trump’s next term and the future of our nation I haven’t dug into the mire.
      One question looms: how in the world will we ever pay for this stuff???
      Meantime, Happy New Year!
      We love Nevada, and will likely end up moving back there.

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