Israel Defense Minister Resigns: will not “surrender to terrorism”

Credit: Christian Broadcasting Network

JERUSALEM, Israel – All was quiet on Israel’s southern front on Wednesday a day after Hamas unleashed the worst attack on Israel in years. But the political fallout from the ceasefire agreement could be huge for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation on Wednesday over an Egyptian and UN brokered ceasefire agreement, saying that it was “surrender to terrorism.”

“The question asked is why now,” Lieberman said at a press conference on Wednesday.  “For me, what happened yesterday – the ceasefire yesterday – combined with the long-term deal with Hamas is a surrender to terrorism. There’s no other definition, no other meaning, but surrender to terrorism,” he said.

Lieberman also cited the earlier decision to allow $15 million in cash from Qatar to be transferred in suitcases across the border to Hamas as the second factor forcing his decision.

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