Joe’s Polluting Motorcade

Our green President, Joe Biden, caused a massive traffic backup on the Capital Beltway, leaving hundreds of stagnant drivers, including some of his supporters, fuming last week.

Biden and his motorcade were driving to a fundraiser in Maryland, and sections of I-495 were cordoned off to make way.

The lane closures came during the evening rush hour, and wreaked havoc on commuters. Traffic became stagnant for hours , causing backups more than five miles long.  That’s a lot of carbon dioxide from those evil combustion engine cars, which climate activists claim is causing massive global warming and setting the earth on fire.  This is especially ironic considering the Biden Administration’s super aggressive stance on climate change.

To calculate a rough estimate of just how much CO2 Biden’s traffic jam might have unleashed into the environment, the Media Research Center reached out to environmental and public health consultant Steve Milloy, founder and publisher of

An idling car burns half a gallon of gasoline per hour, which produces ten pounds of carbon dioxide, Milloy explained. Hypothetically, Milloy calculated, if 1,000 cars had idled for an hour, they would have produced roughly five tons of carbon dioxide – the average amount of CO2 emitted by a single car in an entire year.

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