More Proof: Biden Enthusiasm is Pure Propaganda

Prior to the election I shared my take on Biden enthusiasm in San Francisco. In a word, there was NONE.

I recall prior to the election of Donald Trump, there were Hillary bumper stickers and placards EVERYWHERE.

Prior to Obama’s two stints: more Obama  stickers and placards than you could “shake a stick at.”

But for Biden? You had to look very hard to find stickers and placards.

In other words, in one of the most liberal cities in America there was virtually no public display of Biden enthusiasm.

An now this gem: this past  Saturday about 30 people showed up to meet “President” Joe Biden during a stop in Michigan, while in Florida 45,000 crammed into Sarasota County Fairgrounds to see President Trump speak. Thousands more were outside the venue for lack of available space.


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Brian Sussman

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