Save the Climate, Plant trees! Wait—No—Erect solar panels!


For quite a few years now, many environmental organizations have been telling their supporters to make donations so that trees can be planted to offset global warming and climate change caused by carbon dioxide emissions. The idea is, since plants require carbon dioxide and absorb  it for the process of photosynthesis, planting trees would make for excellent places to naturally deposit excess carbon dioxide.  In fact, there are for-profit “carbon exchanges” where members of the climate cult can atone for their personal dirty carbon footprints by purchasing offsets, which usually include planting trees in the name of the buyer. This quote from the CarbonFund’s website verifies my point: “Planting trees is an excellent way to offset the carbon emissions you have generated through your energy consumption.”

I navigated their website and found that for $4000 I could offset a years-worth of carbon dioxide pollution! If I were to pull the trigger on this purchase, they say they can use that money to plant 4000 trees in my name!

Hmm. Is the guilt-ridden carbon sinner getting scammed, or what?

But wait! Next, I headed over to the Climate Portal at MIT to see what the brainiacs at the Writer’s Team has to say about this. They present a dire warning: we’re past the tipping point and planting trees is just not enough. “Humanity’s emissions have tipped that natural cycle out of balance,” they report, “And the enormous complexity of this system makes it perhaps impossible to say for sure how many new trees would be required to bring it back into balance.”

Darn. Planting a tree seemed so easy. So now what does the climate transgressor do?

Well, according to a just published article at Science Daily, “There is another way of dealing with the climate crisis, which, unlike the forests, is neither natural nor green, at least not in the literal sense of the word. This artificial solution consists of erecting fields of dark-colored solar panels. Obviously, the production of electricity from solar power has a positive impact on climate balance, since it replaces power stations that use fossil fuels such as coal and gas, thereby reducing harmful emissions of greenhouse gases that accumulate at increasing concentrations in the atmosphere.”

Of course, there was nothing in the article about the carbon dioxide emitted from the heavy machinery required to mine the rare earth minerals required for the solar panels, not to mention emissions associated with transportation, construction, and installation of the panels. Really, this is just another opportunity for highly favored renewable energy investors to make loads of cash while claiming to be green.

I’ll reveal a lot more of these schemes in my upcoming book, Climate Cult: Exposing Their Agenda, Defeating Their Schemes, Saving Liberty.

Brian Sussman

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