Shedding light on the Dark Web, Cryptocurrency, and why Facebook wants a piece of this huge market – Hidden Headlines Podcast

This podcast will totally educate you.  The Dark Web is much larger, and scarier, than the web you and I surf.  It’s like the Devil’s Bazaar. Anything you could ever imagine is there for observation, discussion, and purchase.

But what about the currency used on this villainous platform?  The moola of choice is known as cryptocurrency–and it’s pretty easy to obtain.

This week Facebook was on Capital Hill being quizzed about their entrance into the cryptocurrency marketplace.  Why in the world would they want to be a part of that sphere, and why should we trust them?  After all, this is the same company who’s founder suggested that all the people who provide him with their personal information are “dumb fucks.”

You’ll definitely want to share this edition of Hidden Headlines, available on this website, Soundcloud, iTunes, GooglePlay, or Spotify, Thursday June 18.


Brian Sussman

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