State with highest % of vaccinations also leads nation w/ COVID!

Why am I’m not shocked to see the mainstream media complex totally avoiding this one?

As of February 17, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alabama was the state with the smallest percentage of its population 5 years and older who had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

In that state, 53.2 percent of those 5 and older had been fully vaccinated.

Rhode Island had the highest rate of vaccination, with 84.5 percent of its 5-and-older population fully vaccinated.

Now an inquiring mind would want see how these states track in terms of people with COVID.

Here’s the shocker:

As of February 14, the state with the highest rate of COVID-19 cases was Rhode Island.

Alabama ranks 17th.

Wyoming is 2nd on the list of unvaccinated, Mississippi is third, Louisiana 4th, Idaho 5th. Those states rank 15, 22, and 34 in terms of COVID cases.

Certainly, one should see the big disconnect here.

Truth can be a hard pill to swallow when one has an agenda that does not comport with reality.

Brian Sussman

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