United Nations Climate Charade Opens in Dubai: “No Meat For YOU!”

Dubai is an opulent city in the United Arab Emerates. The country was made wealthy from the sale and consumption of oil. Take that resource away from the Arab world and they would be pounding sand, so to speak.

So now, Dubai is host to the world’s elite, flying in on private planes, dining on luxurious spreads, sleeping and partying in air-conditioned suites, and telling us how to live a more frugal, carbon-free life. And so the United Nations latest Climate Change spoof begins.

High on the agenda? A plan to provoke us into becoming vegetarians. Why? Because the meat from animals, particularly cattle, is causing global warming. The chain of thought goes like this: when cattle fart they produce methane, a greenhouse gas. The more beef we eat, the more cattle required, the more methane released, and the more the atmosphere warms, creating climate change. So, the U.N. is calling on Western countries, especially the U.S., to drastically reduce meat consumption to save the world.

Never mind that the U.S. agriculture industry only accounts for 1.4 percent of greenhouse emissions and 10 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions. Never mind that China produces more greenhouse gas and REAL pollutants than any other country in history.

The UN and other agencies have long called for ditching red meat and swapping to vegetarian or vegan diets to prevent climate change. I talk about this in my latest podcast.

Stop the press. First of all, we need greenhouse gases. Without them we have a climate more similar to that of the moon. The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor; the one the climate agenda hates is generally carbon dioxide, with only accounts for .04% of all the gas in the atmosphere. Of that, humans are responsible for a mere 4%! Carbon is the backbone of life, Carbon Dioxide is a required atmospheric compound necessary for life. Methane is a another tiny fraction of the global atmosphere, but an important one as well. And forget about cow farts as the big methane contributor, the biggest living emitter of methane are termites!

I eat a lot of veggies and I even like tofu when prepared properly. But I also like good, organic, grass fed and finished beef. My wife and I have freezer full of beef from a steer we raised and buthered last year. It’s fantastic.

Meantime, have you ever tried one of these fake burgers? The most poplar is the Impossible Burger? They call it an Impossible because it’s impossible anyone will ever confuse it for a real beef burger.

Brian Sussman

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