Why can’t they see what’s so OBVIOUS?

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My guest this week, on the Brian Sussman Show Podcast, is Albin Sadar, longtime producer of the Eric Metaxas Show. Albin has written an excellent book, Obvious: Seeing the evil that is in plain sight and doing something about it.

Here’s what Eric Metaxas say in the Forward to the book:

Everyone knows that one plus one equals two—and that two plus two equals four. What could be more obvi- ous? But in a world in which some people assert that two plus two may equal five, we suddenly find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. Either we are silent—and go along with the silly and yet pernicious lie—or we speak out. If we are silent in the face of what we must describe as evil, we help bring the whole world and everyone in it another rung lower down the ladder to tyranny and enslavement. But if we speak out, we stand against these lies, and we help the world climb its way back upward to the truth. What could be more important? Let me tell you: nothing. This book by my friend Albin Sadar is about doing the right thing in this regard. Obviously.

The interview is illuminating and, at times, hilarious.


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