World’s Foremost Hurricane Expert Reveals the Climate Hoax

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Dr. Neil Frank is the former Director of the National Hurricane Center and the world foremost expert on hurricanes. He’s always been a professional hero of mine (he’s 92-years young), and a couple months ago I literally prayed, “Lord, is there a way for Dr. Frank to read the manuscript for my book? I’d love to get his endorsement.”

Lo and behold, I was able to get the manuscript to Dr. Frank, and he did endorse it, with great enthusiasm I might add!

This week on my podcast, I present part one of my recent interview Dr. Frank. He describes how, in the Eighties, he initially trusted the cadre of scientists who were tooting the horn on global warming, but never researched any of their claims for himself as he was busy forecasting the biggest storms on earth. However, at the behest of a colleague, he did eventually dig into the details and was astounded by the sloppy conclusions of the global warming crowd.

In this episode of the Brian Sussman Show (EP 229, video version below) you’ll meet Dr. Frank and witness his passion as he shares that the claims from the climate change activists, especially regarding hurricanes, are not founded in reality.

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