A most important 29 minutes

No one in America is without excuse. We all have access to witness the final message given by the most prolific Christian evangelist of the past 100 years.

Billy Graham has spoken for the last time. He turned 95 last week. His health is declining, but his passion is as strong as ever.

Billy’s message of salvation through Jesus Christ has restored the lives of millions of people. Alcoholics have been sobered, drug addicts set free, homeless made whole. Hurting, lonely, and empty souls found hope. Sinners have been forgiven.

In many ways, Billy’s final sermon is his finest.

In terms of the meat of his finale, there is nothing new. We are sinners–all of us. Jesus died a horrible death on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins. He is the way, truth and life. Apart from receiving him we cannot be guaranteed eternal life.

But there is something new in this last message. He intertwines the life stories of two younger people who, sadly, represent their generation well. They were both shipwrecked and without hope until they were confronted with the cross.

As I explained in a previous post, I had the honor of interviewing Billy Graham in 1982. I was the host of a Reno television segment entitled, Night Scene. Graham had brought his crusade to town and I sat down with him for a 45-minute, one-on-one interview. Afterward he surprised me with a personal letter in which he referred to me as his “fellow co-worker for Jesus Christ.” I was so humbled.

Several years later I literally bumped into Billy at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC as he was waiting by himself in a hallway prior to speaking. Though he did not recall my name, he knew me immediately. I mention this to highlight his sincerity real concern for the individual.

I’ve taken a fair amount of heat recently for publicly explaining that America’s only hope is a genuine spiritual awakening. I was not at all surprised to learn that Billy’s last message also highlights this same resolution.

Please take 29 minutes to view this powerful, life changing film:  http://myhopewithbillygraham.org/programs/the-cross/

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