Naming Obama's Bus Tour-Wednesday Updates!

President Obama set out on a taxpayer-paid bus tour of the Midwest Monday, designed to share his plan for spending more phantom money to spur job growth.  I asked my Facebook  audience to come up with a clever name for the three-day tour–something that would look good in the form of a slogan painted on the bus.

Here’s are some of my favorites, collected over the past three days:

Highway to Hell Tour
Ship of Fools
Tour d’Farce
Down the Drain Tour
Screwed Again
On the Road to Ruin Tour
The Rolling Ripoff
Magical Mystery Tour
Magical Misery Tour
Rolling Blunder
Debt-End Tour
American and Bust
Down the Ravine Express
The Farewell Tour
Tour of Tyranny
Endless Bummer
The Titanic
Tour d’Marx
Off The Cliff Express
Honk if you hate guns and bibles
Hoodwinked and Bamboozled Tour
The Economic Bus Tour to Nowhere!
Looking for the Exit Tour
Throw America Under the Bus Tour
Barackalypse Now
Hot Air Blows Chunks Tour
Marxist Resurrection Tour
The Bus to Nowhere
Carbon Footprint Express
Teleprompter Tour
Barack’s Arrogant Ride of Tyranny
It’s NOT my Fault Bus
“Spending YOUR Money” Express
The New Standard is Poor Tour
Greyhound One
Blame Bush Express
The Rambling Rip-Off
Mobile Mortuary
People’s-Money Bus
Spread the Welfare Tour
The Obamascare Bus Tour



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  1. Joe says

    Obama and the Bus

    When he was running for the Presidency, Mr. Obama had to deal with the thorny issue of his association with the Rev. Wright. In trying to defend his controversial pastor of twenty years, he initially threw his Grandmother under the bus. When that didn’t work as planned, he threw Rev. Wright under the bus and sped merrily on his way to the White House.
    Once he became President, he went to Cairo and other places around the world and gave speeches in which he apologized for America’s arrogance and wrongful actions towards the Muslim world, and in so doing, he threw history under the bus.
    As Head of State, and Commander in Chief of the United States, he met with the King of Saudi Arabia, and bowed before him. He met with the Emperor of Japan, and also bowed before him. In doing these things, he threw the dignity and the prestige of his office under the bus.
    When his friend, Professor Gates, was arrested, his first inclination was to throw the Cambridge Police under the bus, by stating before he knew the facts that the Police had acted stupidly.
    In dealing with the problems facing the American economy, he pushed thru the stimulus plan at a cost to the taxpayers of roughly $800 billion dollars. In doing this, he threw fiscal responsibility under the bus.
    Next was Obama-care, where he threw the American private sector and the Constitution under the bus.
    As all of those plans didn’t work out at all, he went back to throwing his predecessor under the bus.
    As the resistance to his failures mounted, President Obama, along with his various minions, was intent to throw those who object with his policies, now the majority of Americans, under the bus by implying they are all either racists, have no ideas, no plans, (and if they have a plan it will kill granny, or autistic kids), and in speech aired on Univision, he went so far as to call them “enemies”.
    Finally, during the debt ceiling crisis his lack of leadership led directly to S&P, for the first time in history, downgrading the U.S.A’s credit rating. With this result he’s now thrown the good name, faith, and credit of our nation under the bus.

    Well, to me, it looks like that bus is worn out is losing traction with the worn tires it’s developed from running so many people and things over. It also seems to me, that people finally have finally realized that this particular bus and its driver are taking them to a destination they never intended to go in the first place, which is, over a cliff, and they want off at the next available stop, November, 2012.

  2. Shawn Moore says

    Shovel-Ready Jobs Express
    It’ Your Money Campaign Tour
    Stops Only For Golf
    Wave If You’ve Got a Job
    Re-Distribution In Action Tour
    Help for Clingers Bus Tour
    Tea Party Eliminator
    Hope-a-Dope Express
    This Bus Does Not Stop for Grandma

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