Our National Interest in Syria?

Unlike many of my “conservative” media colleagues, I’m troubled by the Tomahawk attack on Syria.  When Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, John McCain, and Lyndsay Graham–all harsh critics of Donald Trump–come out in favor of the bombing and applauding the President, I believe a mistake may have been made.  Something’s wrong.  Is the Deep State and some of the President’s advisers purposefully leading him down a path that will will get us into a war (that will boost biz for the military-industrial complex and/or Big Oil)?

Unlike liberalism, conservatism is not an ideology. It does not make decisions based on emotion, but instead charts it course by learning from the past.

Patrick Buchanan presents some excellent thoughts on this topic in his most recent syndicated column. Here’s a brief excerpt:

We have no vital national interest in Syria’s civil war. It is those doing the fighting who have causes they deem worth dying for.

For ISIS, it is the dream of a caliphate. For al-Qaida, it is about driving the Crusaders out of the Dar al Islam. For the Turks, it is, as always, about the Kurds.

For Assad, this war is about his survival and that of his regime. For Putin, it is about Russia remaining a great power and not losing its last naval base in the Med. For Iran, this is about preserving a land bridge to its Shiite ally Hezbollah. For Hezbollah it is about not being cut off from the Shiite world and isolated in Lebanon.

Because all have vital interests in Syria, all have invested more blood in this conflict than have we. And they are not going to give up their gains or goals in Syria and yield to the Americans without a fight.

And if we go to war in Syria, what would we be fighting for?

A New World Order? Democracy? Separation of mosque and state? Diversity? Free speech for Muslim heretics? LGBT rights.

You can read the rest of his article here.

I’m not giving up on our President.  It’s very possible I’m missing the big picture.  In any case I am praying for Donald Trump.


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