New Age YouTube Stars Say, “No More Children”

It’s actually one of the weirdest videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube.  I’d say it’s hilarious, except for the fact that the New Age mother-daughter hosts of this channel are serious–about talking to Greek gods, pulling energy out of thin air, eliminating children, and demonizing moms.

The duo, Lynn and Jamie McGonagill, are promoting the Lightworkers Healing Method, a system of “angelically-guided energy healing with the goal of aligning us with our own soul’s life purpose,” according to their website.  The Method “improves the present by working with higher-dimension guides, angels, and lightbeings, as well as both our past and future lives, in a unique and powerful process.”

The McGonagills are seen in this video, and others,  wildly reaching up above their heads as if they are stirring the air and sewing imaginary quilts or something.  Often the daughter’s eyes are glazed over as if in a trance. According to an explanation on YouTube, the women believe that they are working with their “intuitive channels.”

“Because gravity is real, intuitive channels fall down when we don’t hold them up. We are repeatedly lifting up our intuitive channels so they get out of the soup of confusion, fear, and untruth that is rampant in human society. We do this so we can hear god,” the McGonagill’s claim.

Lynn McGonagill often repeats the questions “For who is the message? Why do you ask?” as she raises her hands, and Jamie is frequently heard affirming her mother’s assertions with the statement “That’s true.”

At one point the begin talking to the ancient Greek god, Pan.

“[Pan] has given an edict that there is to be no more parasitism inside the nature realms,” Lynn McGonagill states at one point. “With Pan’s recent edict, inside the nature realms, parasitism is now considered a crime of treason against the nature realms.”

By the end of the episode, McGonagill contends that the earth is too crowded and suggests abortion over childbirth.

“Friends, we have enough humans on the planet. We don’t need any more humans,” she states. “It is not okay for women to have babies, and stop contributing to the process under the pretense that they’re doing a good thing by staying home and raising children.”

“We don’t need children. If you find yourself pregnant, there are options, and you can have an abortion,” McGonagill continues. “No babies. Cut off the baby factories. We have 7.5 billion humans on the planet—that’s too much.”

She asserts that the “ideal amount” is under one billion humans, to which Jamie replies, “that’s true.”

“Women who have babies and stay home to raise them should not be viewed as doing a good thing. It’s not a good thing,” McGonagill opines. “It’s completely not what the situation calls for at all. I’m sorry; find another way to contribute and be valued.”

You know what else is sickening. These women are a part of a much larger organization that has thousands of adherents.

One look at this video and I think you’ll agree with me: these woman are either certifiably nuts, or under the spell of Satan.

“That’s true!”

Brian Sussman

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  1. Joe says

    When we looked at this video it is clear that the daughter is autistic. For someone touting no more children, it is interesting to think that she may resent her decision and that is the basis for her hatered of humankind.

    • Brian Sussman says

      You may be correct on that analysis, Joe.
      The daughter may be impaired.
      Hope you’ll keep visiting my website.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks for your wise (and to the point) comment, Kimberly.
      I hope you’ll continue visiting my website.

  2. Peter Jansen says

    The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement go for a lower target: zero people. So do many other committed Greens, though by trickery rather than outright persuasion. They state that the world would be a better place without people (one Green actually said this to me in his first sentence when we met a cultural event, by way of a greeting!), that humans are the only vermin, that mankind is a cancer and that the Earth is “infested with people”. In ever increasing numbers, they have attempted to make the world “a better place” for over four decades, by turning people against the economic foundations of their own existence with lies about the supposed harm of anything and everything we need. Pesticides, which exist exclusively to fight pollution, are vilified as a pollutant. Media and politicians try to create panic over a supposed imminent reduction in the number of manifestly harmful species. Today, one saves the alligator, not the alligatee. to orchestrated ‘spontaneous’ applause. Recycling is promoted when it can waste money, and opposed when it would be economically useful (reprocessing nuclear fuel or redeveloping urban land with crumbling ‘historic’ eyesores on it). Fracking for geothermal energy is glorious — for shale gas it is suddenly the Devil’s work.

    This strategy is similar to an auto-immune disease. Humans aren’t like cancer, but falling for the Greens is like systemic lupus. Beavers have just been made a protected species here in the UK. Any one of their dams alters the landscape as much as a small airport, and is built without an environmental impact study. If beavers commissioned such studies first, they would have become extinct long ago, as we will be before long, if reason doesn’t return.

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