Now we have people who are upset because their parents didn’t give them consent to be born

It’s the new growing movement in America and the world; a movement that refers to mommies as, “mombies,” babies as, “crotch-fruit,” and and fathers as, “semen demons.”

They call themselves, anti-natalists.

Anti-natalists are adherents of the philosophy that human beings are a destructive force to animals and to the earth, and therefore it’s morally wrong to create more of them. It isn’t possible, anti-natalists point out, to ask fetuses if they wish to be born (or get an answer out of them, anyway), so having a child means foisting life on another being without his or her consent.

I’m preparing an exclusive article on this, but in the meantime, here’s a story that will cause your head to spin. 

Also, check out this video from a few years ago in which I interview a young girl who has been taught that “we shouldn’t exist.”

Brian Sussman

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  1. Brian Sussman says

    Can’t wait to see your “exclusive” article. Where will you post it besides here. Oh, yeah, you write for World Net Daily—that conspiracy website run by a kooky family out of their backyard storage shed. Ha!

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