Back on KSFO !

“The World’s Greatest Radio Station,” has offered me another shot!

KSFO-San Francisco is home to some of the great conservative radio shows and there is very little time available for a new program.

However, beginning October 25, I will be on the air each Wednesday from 6pm-7pm. The show can also be heard online at

I am so excited for the opportunity!

Many thanks to the KSFO management team.

For more details please view today’s video announcement:

Brian Sussman

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  1. joan boyd says

    I am so excited to have you back on KSFO, if only for an hour. I’ll take it. You will knock it out of the park. Love to you and your brother Brad. Man, were those the days. Miss it terribly.

      • Deborah Roby-Rojas says

        Oh my goodness your back. I’m so excited for you. Listened to you everyday on the train To work, you and Katie. Loved your show. So happy you are back!! Can’t wait to here it. Welcome. Back and God bless your new show. YAY!!

  2. Thomas Huntington says

    Brian, I have missed hearing you on the radio in the mornings, I used to listen to you every morning when I emigrated to the States, you, Katie and Shari have been such a positive force in peoples lives as well as in conservative talk radio! Best of luck!!!!

  3. Vorisia says

    Brian! SO very glad to hear you are coming back to KSFO. They finally came to their senses. We have missed you and looking forward to your insight and wisdom. God bless and we will be there!

  4. Brenda says

    I am so happy you are back on KSFO as the line up hasn’t been the same since you and Katie left! Can’t you come back M-F at 6, I didn’t realize it was just Wednesday, but I will be listening!!

  5. George Martin says

    I can’t wait!!!! Radio has been such bore without you, as well as your special guests – Brad, Katie and Sheri aren’t “guests”, they are part of your team!!! How often will you be on, besides the 25?
    Thanks for your efforts to get back into it.
    L O N G time listener!!!!

  6. Laurie De Seguirant says


    A close friend to Katie, a forever supporter of your message and resilience! I’m thrilled God is working in your life. I am thrilled your relationship is such—you continue to hear Him! I am thrilled your resolve is to follow! I will continue to pray for you and your ministry.

    Laurie De Seguirant
    aka Lonnie Dustin, American Author (facebookpage)

  7. Brad I. says

    Brian, I‘ve been a fan since your evening show so I’m grateful to have you back on KSFO. I pretty much stopped listening to the station after the team’s departure.

    Best wishes on the new show.

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